EDC Cell organized & arranged Expert sessions on “Student Employability skill development “on 20th August, 2013(3:10 PM – 5:00PM) at C-105 for the Fourth year CSE Department students by Mrs. Gunjeet Kaur Assistant Professor -ECE BVCOE. The session was focused on how to face campus placement interviews and CV writing.

EDC Cell organized & arranged Expert sessions on “Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academics “ on 29th August, 2013 (10:00 AM Onwards) at B-303 for the Fourth year  ECE& IT Department students by Mrs. Komal Budhiraja Assistant Professor – IT BVCOE, Alumina and ex-employee of TCS Bangalore. She has worked with TCS for four years and has been involved in the recruitment drive while working in TCS Bangalore. She was also deputed as a Business Analyst for an on-site project to USA in Banking and Finance Domain. The session was very interactive and has benefitted the students.

EDC BVCOE New Delhi collaboration with T.I.M.E. Education Delhi under the Project entitled “Employability Skill Development“.  This project deals is organizing Soft Skills Development session for all the B. Tech Pre final year students of all the branches. The objective of this project is to pay attention to the most important dimension of student personality which is softskill in the T&P campus placement process. The aim of these expert sessions was to highlight the Employability soft skills gaps in students.

These sessions motivated the students and were focused on helping students for campus placements soft skill development on Topic –“How to prepare for Personal Interviews”. The duration for the session was 50-60 minutes. The speakers were from the Alumina of top Engineering/Mgmts. Colleges.

Mrs. Narina Thakur Associate Professor, CSE Department & Mrs. Kusum Tharani Associate Professor, EEE Department have organized and coordinated Soft Skills Development session by T.I.M.E. Education Delhi on 26th September, 2014, in B-302, BVCOE at 12:00 – 1:00 pm by Mr Anand Mohan Day (T.I.M.E. Education Delhi). Mr. Day is an alumna of IIM. Mr. Day started with what a personal interview is and how it is different from interrogation, investigation and an interaction;

He stressed on the development of soft skills in a personal interview stating it as a tool for the interviewer to get to know the interviewee more rather a way for rejecting them. He told the participants that the length of the interview has nothing to do with the chances of selection of candidates, giving examples of his student who had an interview of less than five minutes and was selected in an esteemed management college. Mr.A.M Day decoded the personal interview into Knowledge, Communication and Personality. Knowledge according to him should not be restricted to what is taught in class, a candidate must be aware of what is happening around him/her.

The key of better communication, he said, had more to do with listening than with speaking. He explained that correct grammar, audibility and voice modulation are the crucial part of communication. For personality development he suggested SWOT analysis to every student. Ethics and hobbies also add to personality according to Mr. Day.His session was followed by a quick Q and A round where participants inquired about everything from self-introduction to honesty in an interview.

Mrs. Narina Thakur Associate Professor, CSE Department & Mrs.  Gunjeet Kaur Assistant Professor, ECE Department have organized and Coordinated Soft Skills Development session by T.I.M.E. Education Delhi on 15th Oct, 2014, in B-101, for BTech 3rd year CSE Morning and Evening Shift students by Mr Anand Mohan Day (T.I.M.E. Education Delhi).

Mrs. Narina Thakur Associate Professor, CSE Department has organized and Coordinated Seminar on Aptitude and Skill Development by CL Educate Limited  on 17th Oct, 2014 for BTech 3rd year CSE Morning and Evening Shift students.

EDC has arranged & Coordinated the Aptitude Test for B. Tech 2nd and 3rd Year students of BVCOE on 11th Nov 2014 in BVCOE campus at 11:00 Am to 12:00 PM by CL Educate Limited (formerly known as the Career Launcher India Limited). The test contains 30 questions 15 of Quantitative Aptitude, DI and 15 of Verbal and the duration for the same was 45 Minutes. This Aptitude test will be helpful for the students’ future competitive exams and campus placements. This test will help CL to understand the Locus of the student so that they can provide the analysis of the same to the BVCOE Management; respective Department & T&P Cell for bridging the gaps in T&P related activities under the umbrella of EDC BVCOE. This test helps the student to understand the gaps and helps them develop their overall Personality.

 EDC  has coordinated and Organized a students Analysis session of the CL Aptitude Test which happened on 11th November 2014 at BVCOE New Delhi campus by Mr. Gautam Puri Alumni IIM Bangalore & (Co-Founder) CL Educate Ltd. on 21st November 2014 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM in Auditorium.This session helped the students to understand how to attempt an aptitude paper, different kind of strategies required to perform better which enhance their chances of selection related to campus placement and any other competitive test.