EDC has organized various events in the annual technical Fest BVEST ’14 held on 28th and 29th Oct 2014.

LED Coders

The event was based on coding and decoding of the message given to the participants. It had two levels first was to test the accuracy of the participants, i.e. participants who came up with correct results were qualified for the next level, the next level was to test their speed i.e. participants giving the correct result in shortest time were our winners and runner-up.  A team of two was required, one for coding the message into corresponding alphabetical order number and lightening up the corresponding LEDs and the other person had to decode the message according to the LEDs he/she saw.

Faculty Coordinator               :            Mrs. Shaifali Sharma & Mrs. Gunjeet Kaur

Student Event Managers      :           Ms. Vaishali Jain, Ms. Aakanksha Jain

Student Coordinators           :           Mr Anshul, Mr. Tarun, Mr. Ayush

1st Prize Winner                      :           Mr. Varun Paliwal

2nd Prize Winner                   :           Mr. Shreyan Jain

Ad Mad

This event was based upon on the spot production of an advertisement of the products provided by us. Participants were given a random product and they had to record a short video for advertising the given product. We had one winner and a runner-up

Faculty Coordinator               :           Mrs. Kusum Tharani & Mrs. Narina Thakur

Student Event Managers      :           Mr. Varun Paliwal, Mr. Sukshit Tuteja

Student Coordinators           :           Ms. Shivani, Ms. Aishwarya, Ms. Shefali

1st Prize Winner                      :           Mr. Utkarsh

2nd Prize Winner                   :           Ms. Runjhun


Debate is the flagship entrepreneurship event which provides a platform for students to put forth their ideas. The participants were given on the spot topic which stated “Deletion of whatsapp is a respite, really?”.They were given a choice to speak in favor or against the motion.

Faculty Coordinator              :            Mr. Poras Khetarpal   & Mrs. Shaifali Sharma

Student Event Managers      :           Mr. Rushil Bhutani, Mr. Tarun Bansal

Student Coordinators           :            Mr. Ajay, Mr. Shubham,  Ms. Pratiksha

1st Prize Winner                      :           Mr. Shrey Bagga

2nd Prize Winner                    :           Ms. Ayushi


We organized a workshop on “Youth as Agents of Change: The state of the climate and what we can do about it” in association with IYCN. It was a two hour workshop. The speakers were Supriya Singh and Reva Prakash, from IYCN and JNU Delhi

Faculty Coordinator             :           Mrs. Narina Thakur

Student Event Managers    :           Ms. Ishita Agghi, Mr. Prabhat Mishra

Student Coordinators           :          Mr. Gaurav, Mr. Utkarsh, Ms. Shrishti


It is a treasure hunt event. A team of maximum four students was allowed in the event. Each team was provided a set of ten questions, which was based on Da Vinci’s based novels, whose answers lead to a specific place, all participants were required to click photo of the required place. Team showing up with the most correct pictures in shortest time were our winners.

Faculty Coordinator               :           Mrs. Gunjeet Kaur & Mrs. Komal Budhiraja

Student Event Managers      :         Mr. Tarun Bansal, Mr. Vibhor Mishra

Student Coordinators           :           Mr. Utkarsh, Mr. Anshul, Mr. Ankur

1st Prize Winner                      :           Ms. Akshita

2nd Prize Winner                    :           Mr. Rushil Bhutani


EDC has organized a Workshop on Entrepreneurship: Introduction to Start-up and overview on latest technology, Ruby on Rails on  22nd April 2015 in association with I – LABS Gurgoan in  C-105 room at  3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Mr. Rohit Chawla from I – LABS Gurgoan, Mrs.  Narina Thakur, EDC Head, Associate Professor, CSE Department BVCOE and Mrs. Gunjeet Kaur, EDC Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor, ECE Department organizing and students BVCOE attending  the  Entrepreneurship & Ruby on Rails Outreach Workshop.

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an open source back-end web application framework developed as a reaction against messier, more idiosyncratic coding languages. This workshop was intended to reach out to students who were new to Ruby and Rails. The main focus of the workshop, was to make students aware about the basics of the technology and framework, enabling them to build a complete web application using Ruby on Rails. The duration of the session  was two hours. There are two sessions: one for Introduction to startups and one for basic and advanced topic in the programming language and frameworks.

A Dialogue with Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi — #WomenTechShip on 23rd Dec 2014 at the Google Campus, Gurgaon:  attended by Mrs.  Shifaly Sharma, EDC Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor ECE Department.

A Delhi Kick start from #GirlsInTech Series from NASSCOM for 10,000 startups, Powered by #40Forward Google for Entrepreneurs’.

 It was an event conducted by NASSCOM and sponsored by Google. It was held at Google India facility, Gurgaon. First half of the conference was a session called Half baked, where participants were divided into teams and were supposed to generate business ideas based on the assigned words. It was an icebreaker activity. Then all the team leaders had to share about the business idea in a 30 second pitch. There were some crazy innovative ideas, products and pitches that came out of that activity, namely Biz name, Problems you are solving and Solutions. Further the dialogue was  followed by a panel discussion of women entrepreneurs from different fields and their contributions followed by Q&A. The panel comprised of Prukalpa Sankar, Cofounder of Social Cops, Swati Bhargava, Cofounder of Cashkaro, Sukhmani Singh, Co-founder of Seek Sherpa and Aparna Gupta, Managing Director of First Rain India. The ladies had interesting insights to share with the audience and agreed that while there were some disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur in the tech space, there were several advantages too. Some of the highlights of the panel discussion are mentioned below. “You don’t have to accept money from just anywhere if you aren’t comfortable with the person giving it to you.” – Avani Parekh.

“If investors grill you, it doesn’t always mean they’re attacking you, but want to know if you know your stuff. It’s up to you to dispel the myths that women don’t get or understand technology.” – Swati Bhargava

I look forward to how we can create a rich ecosystem for startups. – Aparna Gupta, Managing Director, First Rain. The post lunch was a Breakaway session, called Word Cafe, where participants were divided into teams and were given some  questions like: Fear to start a business idea, Solutions (resources) and Business opportunities for women. To wrap up the entire day’s event, Mrs. Sangeeta Gupta, Vice President of NASSCOM addressed the audience observing that the fears outweighed the resources and opportunities mentioned in the breakaway session and that’s what she hoped would change soon. She also went on to share the initiatives NASSCOM has been taken to empower entrepreneurs and how the audience present could also greatly benefit from them. The event was attended by 40+ women audience with varied experiences with 60% Entrepreneurs, 15% Professionals, 15% Students and 10% others.

Mrs.  Shifaly Sharma, EDC Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor, ECE Department attends the EDC Dialogue  WomenTechShip organized by Google in collaboration with NASSCOM at Google Campus, Gurgaon.