Electronika, robotics SIG (Student Interest Group) of ISTE is a group that aims to teach students how they can learn, make and invent technology. It was started for the curious and the geek minds who love to experiment, have innovative ideas and are just finding an incentive to implement their ideas. Electronika organised RoboHut in 2016-2017. This event was for all the robot fanatics out there. In collaboration with RoboHut, the SIG of BVP ISTE, Electronika presented this mind-boggling event where the players had to use their Differential Drive Robots to push some cubes in the puzzle so as to form a definite pattern by repositioning them. Pacbot event organised by BVP ISTE attracted a lot of crowd where a Pacbot was designed which was made to follow the maze and the one doing it more appropriately was declared as the winner. It also conducted LFR2.0, wherein students from different colleges participated and made their bots follow the line, and the one doing it more accurately won the event. Electronika successfully conducted a Robotics workshop and initiated a number of new Robotics projects.