Sahitye, literature SIG (Student Interest Group) of ISTE, has conducted various workshops for personality development and has also invited professionals to guide students to improve their communication skills. Sahitye believes in giving the students a chance at exploring their creative side. It is a group that aims to ignite the interests of students which get lost under the heavy pressure of the academic race. It was started by providing a platform for an introvert mind to express itself without any kind of fear or anxiety. It intends to develop confidence, both in front of a mass or in front of one’s personal diary. In the academic year 2016-2017,  Sahitye organised Deciphering Minds event, which was for all the mind readers who were excellent in understanding their teammates’ clues without even saying . Sahitye also conducted Guess It event wherein students from different colleges participated to guess the famous idioms or phrases by enacting it in 2017-2018.